Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Brief

A project of opposites, inspiration drawn from exterior stone architectural features to provide the basis for design for interior light diffusing textiles.

The research is based around stone carvings found in architecture, many found in the lace market area of Nottingham, through to the design work I completed for the Nottingham Contemporary building concrete lace panels. The designs span a period of 150 years of architecture, and used for the basis of designs for contemporary interior soft furnishings, focusing on light diffusion through the glass areas of buildings.

The collection will consist of a range of weights of fabrics, to encompass the texture of the stonework, and also the range of natural and neutral colours. The collection will be divided into two areas, which will contrast and compliment each other.

The heavyweight jacquard fabrics to be based on the textures of the stone drawings, and after washing to have areas cut away and embellished with drawn thread and pulled thread embroidery. By using techniques of cutting away and embellishing, the fabric will have contrasting weights within it.

The lightweight fabrics to be made up of hand woven silks using texture again within the fabrics, in the form of pleats, and floats to give a semi translucent fabric to diffuse light for window dressing. The influence in this area is Salt and Rezia Wahid.
Also in the lightweight fabrics, to explore the Monarch knitted lace from the same designs as the jacquard, to give another area of contrast.



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